Root Canals


Signs that you may need a root canal:

  1. Severe Tooth Pain
  2. Prolonged Sensitivity
  3. Tooth Discoloration
  4. Gum Swelling
  5. Recurrent Pimple on Gum

What is a root canal? Do I need one?

A root canal (endodontic treatment) is never something people want.  But in some cases it will be necessary in order to stop pain and save a tooth from extraction.

A root canal is often necessary because bacteria from decay have reached the pulp of the tooth and triggered a bad inflammatory response from which the pulp can't survive.  The root canal removes the inflamed tissue and bacteria, and then the root is sealed.  Sometimes after a tooth has had a deep cavity treated and big filling placed, the insult to the pulp is too much and the pulp dies.

Generally, the two cardinal signs of a tooth needing a root canal is the tooth is very sensitive to hot or cold, but the sensitivity lingers for longer than 20-30 seconds or longer.  Once triggered, it just keeps hurting.  The other sign is the tooth hurts all by itself; it doesn't even need to be set off by something.  And this type of pain can easily wake you at night.

Drs. Lickteig and King can treat these problem teeth, and get you back to a healthy and pain-free mouth!

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