A complication that may occur with an implant crown

There is a problem that may arise after replacing a missing tooth with an implant and crown.  It has been determined after several studies that about 50% of the time a space will occur between the crown and the adjacent natural tooth.  70% of the time the space will occur in front of the crown; between the crown and the tooth closest to the front of the mouth.

    The cause of this is that natural teeth are attached to the bone by a ligament, and will move when there is pressure applied (orthodontics).  Also there is a natural tendency teeth have to drift slightly toward the front of the mouth.  The implant is set in bone and does not move, so the space develops.

    Due to the gap, food will pack in there during a meal.  This can cause gum irritation or decay on the natural tooth.  The simplest solution is to add filling material to the natural tooth to close the space.  Replacing the crown is possible but may not be covered by insurance.  Of course, diligently keeping the space clean by flossing or other means can be a new normal if the patient wants.

    So, it should be noted when considering a implant and crown to replace a missing tooth that 50% of the time a space will develop between the crown and the adjacent natural tooth.  And depending on the size of the space, may require additional treatment.